Ten Inconvenient truths as to why you can’t master interior design

Everyone likes to feel that they have the credentials and expertise required to design beautiful rooms. However, the reality is often very different:
1. You simply don’t have the time. Busy professional people and homemakers have other tasks to take care of so the smart solution is to hire interior designers in London who have time to do the tasks required.

2. You’re not qualified. Any interior design London specialist has gone to college for many years to gain the right credentials.3. You thought you had an eye for colour. Trends change and the sad fact is that most people are still choosing colours that look dated.

4. You don’t know where to start. Most of us have some idea of what we want but that’s usually limited to the colour of the walls, the type of flooring or that perfect sofa. Interior designers are skilled at looking at the room as a whole rather than a series of disjointed parts.

5. You’re not as organised as you thought. From creating a room plan to moving furniture to begin work, a London interior designer can organise efficiently and well.

6. You’re not good at telling others what to do. It takes a team to create a fabulous room and interior design experts are great people managers.

7. You’ve run out of money. Interior design London professionals would have budgeted efficiently.

8. You get bored easily. It takes time (See 1) to do a good job and most of us lose impetus long before the task is done.

9. You can’t count. If you’re the type that looks at a wall and guesses 2 rolls of wallpaper you need to employ an interior designer. Pattern repeats and offcuts mean that it’s rarely that simple.

10. You own a flat and want a penthouse. While you can’t work miracles there are lots of interior designers London who can make any home look glamorous and luxurious.

Unless you’re only doing basic painting, it is always best to call the experts. Interior designers London create the look you want and keep costs down. Plus, you won’t have to do all the hard work nor clean up afterwards – simply sit back and enjoy your amazing new room.



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